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Bid Enabling

Many Providers fall short at the first hurdle, the initial bid, because they are not familiar with or understand the bid process and the criteria involved. We can help you with that process.

  1. Bid analysis– we will analyse your bids to see if they will meet the appropriate criteria (HCA or otherwise) and adjust it if it does not to make it more likely to meet funding criteria.
  2. Checks against bid criteria – we will analyse bid criteria to see if your bid meets this.
  3. Compliance issues – we will check bids to ensure that they will meet grant compliance.
  4. Value for Grant – organisations like the HCA operate to strict criteria as to how much grant they will allow per unit, or per person etc. We can ensure you do not breach that criteria.
  5. We will ensure you meet the HCA “Quantitative assessment” and “Qualitative assessment” criteria.
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