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Many of you have are probably aware of the guidance that the HCA have with regards to Housing for Vulnerable and Older people.

The guidance is pretty clear on what you need to do in terms of bidding but many providers still get confused on the standards and quality that these schemes are supposed to achieve.

I’ve picked out several areas that providers need to be aware of when designing these types of accommodation.

1) HAPPI -Housing our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (HAPPI) – This guidance applies not only to accommodation for the elderly but also for Supported Housing. For the former it is straight forward but for the latter there are certain elements that apply.

2) Non-Mainstream Housing Design-Guidance – Interestingly there are only certain elements to this that apply to Elderly and Supported housing.

3) Flexibility – How is the building being designed for future needs and provision?

4) Exit Strategy – Linked to the above point, could the building be used for something else easily without for the need for a costly refit?

5) Appropriateness to Client Group – In my series of presentations I highlighted how that bedsits were not ideal for vulnerable groups and that alternatives (as cost effective) were available.

6) Pathway to Independence – Is the accommodation being designed to allow users to be as independent as possible? This has an impact on management.

Path to Independence

7) Running Costs – Is the building energy efficient, so running costs are low? Are “robust details” being used so there is less wear and tear?

The above information is just intended to be a brief snippet, but if you do require further information or training, please contact  Hephaestus Associates Limited.

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